NFTs Explained Post

NFTs Explained

06/2021 | 10 min read Blockchain | Crypto | NFTs

Non-fungible Tokens - more than just a hype?

VPS Setup Post

VPS Setup

05/2021 | 06 min read VPS | Hosting | Server Management

Setting up a Virtual Private Server from scratch.

Nuxt State Post

Nuxt State

04/2021 | 05 min read Frontend | State Management | Nuxtjs

State Management in a Nuxt Application.

Node Security Post

Nodejs Security

03/2021 | 09 min read Security | Backend | NodeJs

A basic overview of security issues one might face using nodejs and how to prevent them.

Schwesi Design Blog Post

Schwesi Design Evolution

01/2021 | 03 min read Design | Branding | Frontend | Schwesi Design

The evolution of Schwesi Design over the last few years. From humble beginnings to a web agency, which creates audience igniting, tailormade digital products.

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