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Let's take a walk down memory lane! The look and feel of Schwesi Design has evolved significantly over the years. Since the founding of Schwesi Design in 2014 motion and animations have always been at the heart of the design concept.

The intro video has evolved from a informative text heavy video...

Schwesi Design Intro 1st Release

...into an artistic, no-text video.

Schwesi Design Intro Current Release

The website always has been animation heavy. One of the most elabroate ones, was the portfolio opening effect, which could be found in Schwesi Design's 2nd release.

Schwesi Design Blog Post Schwesi Design Portfolio 2nd Release

It didn't end with click animations,though. Especially the creation page, which was part of the website's first release, was a scroll animation fest!

Schwesi Design Blog Post Schwesi Design Creation Steps 1st Release

Talking about animations, the menu animations in the 2nd and current release definitely deserve an honorable mention.

Schwesi Design Menu Animation 2nd Release
Schwesi Design Menu Animation Current Release

Responsiveness, meaning the correct rendering of the website on different devices, always was a major concern.

Schwesi Design Blog Post Legacy Devices Schwesi Design Responsive 1st Release
Schwesi Design Blog Post Old Devices Schwesi Design Responsive 2nd Release
Schwesi Design Blog Post Latest Devices Schwesi Design Responsive Current Release

What a journey it has been! I can't wait to find out what lies ahead!

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