Orthopädische Fachpraxen am Gänsemarkt

Branding | Web design

The challenge

Create an internet and brand identity for one of germany's best and around the world renown orthopedic clinics.

The brand identity has to mirror the love for science and medicine, as well as the intertwin relation between traditional and futuristic concepts of the clinic.

The internet application is supposed to be modern and user-friendly at the same time.

The solution

Schwesi Design created a well balanced design concept using x-ray pictures at its base.

The x-ray pictures were altered in a way, which tranformed them from black and white diagnostical tools into something mystical - beautiful.

The scroll-intro-effect opening up each section, completes the artistic representation of a junction between valuable tradition and reliable future.

Leaving every pixel representing a key concept of the 'Internationale Orthopädische Fachpraxen' - being different!