branding + identity

You worked hard to create your business.

I work hard to visualize your business.

If you do not have a visual concept throughout your business then I will create one, you can use digitally and in print.

At the core of my work and behind all the pixels and fancy effects always lies your brand.

visual identity

brand strategy


logo design

ux + design

Your web application is the single greatest opportunity for your brand to interact with the world.

Therefore, it is my priority to make it work on all browsers and devices now and in the future.

Always keeping a focus on the user experience (ux), to make interacting with your web application as intuitive as possible.

Not just designing something special but something customized for your audience.

responsive web design

ux design


information architecture

technology + hosting

These days, a web application does not just have to look good.

It has to be interactive, searchable, social and mobile ready - while being easy to manage and maintain.

The functionality, structure and performance of my applications always meet W3C standards.

So you will be left with a search-engine friendly and bug free product.

front & backend programming

hosting management & advice

content management

social media integration