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My passion is visualizing your passion


The Programmer

Creation is a fascinating process. The challenge of building something out of nothing always attracted me. Being able to create something useful and something better than the competition serves as a constant motivation. The challenge of transforming complex issues into simple solutions intrigues me.

The mix between versatile art, complex science and blunt tool is unique to computer programming. As is its ever-changing nature due to constant development. Keeping up to date with the latest programming techniques, therefore is one of my priorities in order to always deliver a secure and future proof product.

At the end of the day writing letters, symbols and numbers into a program and instantly seeing something happening in front of your eyes is a 'wow effect' that never left me.

The Designer

There is a certain urge for symmetry in me. A longing for order, which translates directly into my design projects. Clean cut, state of the art compositions are the result.

What is particularly appealing about being a web designer nowadays, is that the implementation of creativity is almost limitless. With a certain amount of programming skill one can create almost anything. This presents a challenge as well, which is why I actively keep up with the latest trends in design and user experience architecture.

The fascination with webdesign does not end there, though. The mind-boggling amount of considerations to take, plays an important role as well. Always facing different groups of users, always demands new requirements of a webdesigner. Thus, presenting me with an ever changing environment. This never ending challenge keeps me striving for perfection one project at a time.


Pharma Quizzer

An android application with over 30 categories and more than 1.500 high-quality questions

Three difficulty levels and three time intervals to choose from make the learning experience very personal

All features are available offline and a extra version of the app was created (demo version) to enable testing the app for free


Frankfurter Gesellschaft

A minimal website with subtle effects to give it a modern character

A fulminant member area with real-time member search, time-aware event entries and much more...



Branding | Identity

You worked hard to create your business.

I work hard to visualize your business.

If you do not have a visual concept throughout your business then I will create one, you can use digitally and in print.

At the core of my work and behind all the pixels and fancy effects always lies your brand.

Design | UX

Your web application is the single greatest opportunity for your brand to interact with the world.

Therefore, it is my priority to make it work on all browsers and devices now and in the future.

Always keeping a focus on the user experience (ux), to make interacting with your web application as intuitive as possible.

Not just designing something special but something customized for your audience.

Technology | Hosting

These days, a web application does not just have to look good.

It has to be interactive, searchable, social and mobile ready - while being easy to manage and maintain.

The functionality, structure and performance of my applications always meet W3C standards.

So you will be left with a search-engine friendly and bug free product.

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