selected works

Pharma Quizzer

Mobile App | Branding

An android application with over 30 categories and more than 1.500 high-quality questions

Three difficulty levels and three time intervals to choose from make the learning experience very personal

All features are available offline and a extra version of the app was created (demo version) to enable testing the app for free


Frankfurter Gesellschaft

Branding | Web design

A website for one of the most exclusive clubs in Germany

A design mix of the traditional values as well as modern outlook of the club


Active Ownership

Web design

The website features an elegant image slider, with info boxes for every image.

The menu sticks to the top of the browser window to enable the user to navigate any time.

The website was optimized for modern as well as older browsers and works on all devices - making it very accessible.


Corps Franconia

Branding | Web design

Create a web presence for one of the most exclusive fraternities in Germany.

The website represents the time-honored traditions, as well as Franconia's modern attitude.

The effects combine modern technologies with antiquated symbolism.

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